Add a 90 minute skills review, one-on-one with an instructor, where the student can work on any problem areas that are identified during the course, or just work on refining their new skills. See below for further information.

Castle View High School

This 3-hour course is designed specifically for high school age drivers who have just received their license, or have a permit and are working towards their test. It is held at local high schools, making it convenient and accessible, and it’s taught by certified law enforcement driving instructors.

Students get to spend the course behind the wheel of their own vehicle learning and practicing emergency avoidance and response techniques, along with a number of other driver safety skills, in a safe and controlled environment. They will learn not only how their own vehicle handles in extreme situations, but also learn the true level of their own abilities and limitations. Every young driver, regardless of ability, can benefit from this training, that covers skills not taught at any other time or place during their basic driver training.

90 Minute Skills Review. Every student learns differently, and has different abilities. A lot of students struggle with certain areas of the training, and we offer this extra time, one-on-one with an instructor, to help students overcome any difficulties they may have had during the course. And even if the student doesn’t really have any issues, this can be a great time to practice and refine the new skills they learned in the course, while receiving even more valuable instruction and guidance. These skill review sessions can be scheduled any time after the course, and are typically conducted at the same location as the course, and in the student’s vehicle.

TIMES: Morning classes are 9:00AM to 12:00PM / Afternoon classes are 12:30PM to 3:30PM

13 reviews for Castle View High School

  1. Paul Briggs

    Quality training and definitely worth the time. Good value for money.

  2. Melissa Guevara

    My daughter enjoyed the class and learning how to get out of a skid in the skid car. Thanks for helping her feel safer on the road.

  3. Sally Chenoweth

    Our 17 year old has high anxiety and was so nervous to get her License Adam and crew helped her get right over that! She first did a course at Castleview High, but then we sent her for a full day track course. It is so worth it! She has been able to drive with ease with the crazy Colorado drivers thanks to Altitude🙏❤️ if you are thinking of the track course, JUST DO IT!

  4. Jaclyn Davis (verified customer)

    I would highly recommend this class. I was a very nervous mom with a teenager about to drive, and after his lesson here I he’s a more qualified, confident, and safe driver! The teachers were professional, knowledgeable, calm, patient, clear and friendly.

  5. Amy Seigel (verified customer)

    100% Love this program. My son is a very confidante driver. I wanted to be sure I gave him all the tools to be the best driver he can. After class he told me “That was Awesome!! I learned so much and It was fun.” All the teachers were not only professional, but very engaging will all the teens. If your looking to give your child that extra confidence in their driving, this will be the place for you.

  6. Bev Distrola.(Caylee Distrola) (verified customer)

    My daughter loved the class and felt she got alot out of it. She felt more comfortable being in the car by herself and learning how to get out of a skid and spacial awareness within the car and around the car. All done in a safe environment.

  7. M. Montgomery

    This was a great experience for my teen. Quality instruction and useful strategies for Colorado driving.

  8. Oren (verified customer)

    Our son learned a lot and gained confidence in his driving with this course. He is still in his permit phase and close to his license, and it was really helpful on the backing, skid control, and learning car performance limitations. He was especially complimentary of the instructors and the learning environment. Well worth it to gain this experience in ways that we can’t normally provide.

  9. Angela

    My daughter did the 3 hour course at CVHS and the 8 hour course at the track. She gained a lot of confidence and new skills that we would not have been able to teach her. The instructors are fantastic and the courses are worth the time and money. Peace of mind is priceless.

  10. Karilee Harkema (verified customer)

    My permitted driver took the 3 hour class at CVHS in addition to regular driving school. He loved it and learned a ton. Says every kid should take it. He has way more confidence now.

  11. R.C. (verified customer)

    Our daughter enjoyed the class. She enjoyed driving the skid car, as well as all the backward practice (both parking and driving). She said she learned things she hasn’t been able to learn with us (parents) and feels more confident. Our son did the course at the track last year, and that is also fantastic. There’s so much backwards parking practice! I suggest either class to all new drivers.

  12. Anne Stith (verified customer)

    Daughter really enjoyed the class and the skid management training and the specialized car!

  13. Suzette Mundine (verified customer)

    My son took this class at CVHS and had a great time and said he learned lots. He suggests having a smaller car if you are going to sign up! What a great class, glad it was offered.

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