Smoky Hill High School


This 3-hour course is designed specifically for high school age drivers who have just received their license, or have a permit and are working towards their test. It is held at local high schools, making it convenient and accessible, and it’s taught by certified law enforcement driving instructors.

Students get to spend the course behind the wheel of their own vehicle learning and practicing emergency avoidance and response techniques, along with a number of other driver safety skills, in a safe and controlled environment. They will learn not only how their own vehicle handles in extreme situations, but also learn the true level of their own abilities and limitations.

TIMES: Morning classes are 9:00AM to 12:00PM / Afternoon classes are 12:30PM to 3:30PM

6 reviews for Smoky Hill High School

  1. Shadhaa Ramadan (verified customer)

    Great class for new drivers. Staff kind and professional. Highly recommend.

  2. Cassidy Sullivan

    I thought this was really fun and learned a lot of new things! It really helped me feel more safe in these situations and being more aware of them.

  3. Kim McCafferty (verified customer)

    My teen really enjoyed this course. She has several years under her belt already but learned the skills that are unfortunately just not taught. She feels so much more confident when it comes to severe weather and having to avoid potential accidents.
    This course costs upwards of over $500 in the corporate world. This is an amazing and affordable option to give your kid some potential life saving skills!

  4. Heather Heyd (verified customer)

    My son did not want to take it but was glad afterwards. He learned more than he expected and had a lot of fun while learning important safety skills (like sliding on an icy/wet surface) that we are too nervous to teach him.

  5. Mike Kalberer (verified customer)

    My daughter really enjoyed the course and felt it helped her understand what the vehicle she will be driving could do and how it felt in different driving situations. She was very surprised by how the vehicle handled through the course, she said “she didn’t know it could do that”. The guys were GREAT! I can not say enough about how nice and fun they made it for the kids. I will certainly let my daughter do this again after she’s been driving on her own a while, great course to build confidence, knowledge and have a little fun.

  6. John Dutton

    I thought overall the class was very beneficial to my son. He got to do some things we can’t do normally on the road, he learned the capabilities of a car, built his confidence would definitely do it again.!

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