Add a 90 minute skills review, one-on-one with an instructor, where the student can work on any problem areas that are identified during the course, or just work on refining their new skills. See below for further information.

Ponderosa High School

This 3-hour course is designed specifically for high school age drivers who have just received their license, or have a permit and are working towards their test. It is held at local high schools, making it convenient and accessible, and it’s taught by certified law enforcement driving instructors.

Students get to spend the course behind the wheel of their own vehicle learning and practicing emergency avoidance and response techniques, along with a number of other driver safety skills, in a safe and controlled environment. They will learn not only how their own vehicle handles in extreme situations, but also learn the true level of their own abilities and limitations. Every young driver, regardless of ability, can benefit from this training, that covers skills not taught at any other time or place during their basic driver training.

90 Minute Skills Review. Every student learns differently, and has different abilities. A lot of students struggle with certain areas of the training, and we offer this extra time, one-on-one with an instructor, to help students overcome any difficulties they may have had during the course. And even if the student doesn’t really have any issues, this can be a great time to practice and refine the new skills they learned in the course, while receiving even more valuable instruction and guidance. These skill review sessions can be scheduled any time after the course, and are typically conducted at the same location as the course, and in the student’s vehicle.

TIMES: Morning classes are 9:00AM to 12:00PM / Afternoon classes are 12:30PM to 3:30PM

8 reviews for Ponderosa High School

  1. Jenny M

    This course increased our girls’ confidence 100%. Great course!

  2. Sarah I

    Ella has a ton more confidence in her driving abilities now. They were patient and gave great instruction. She really enjoyed the skid car and I am much more comfortable knowing she can control the vehicle.

  3. Michelle Oakman (verified customer)

    Our daughter benefited from the refinement and the consistent practice. The instructors were very patient and helpful in building her confidence!

  4. Stan Sayers (verified customer)

    When we got in the car immediately after my son had a tremendous amount of confidence. Much different than even in the hours just before. He drove like he had been driving for years and was extremely comfortable. What most impressed me was his awareness it completely changed. He was much more confident in his mirrors much more aware about backing up and the things he needed to do to perform that maneuver and just drive with ease. I’m very thankful for this program.

  5. John M Krattenmaker (verified customer)

    My son had a great time and learned a lot during the class. Would recommend.

  6. Trisha Raynoha (verified customer)

    My daughter thought this class was fun! She enjoyed the course, has more confidence in her driving ability and her vehicle! The staff were so fun, excited to teach, and pushed the students to really explore their driving abilities. The skid car is a great tool – and fun! We highly recommmend this course for new and experienced drivers alike – my daughter has been driving for 4 months, and is much less scared to drive on her own next year!

  7. Kevin Smith (verified customer)

    My daughter attended the course and I did not watch. That said, my daughter returned from the course with a smile on her face and described maneuvers she had practiced and thanked me for “forcing her to attend.” I know the education is good when she tells me about her day. I recommend Altitude driving to any parent wanting to improve their child’s confidence behind the wheel.

  8. Christian Bailey (verified customer)

    A great experience. Inserted more confidence in my driving. Vehicle control, defensive control in slides. Backing skills were super helpful. And the instructors were very good at explaining details. Thanks guys.

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