Pine Creek High School

This 3-hour course is designed specifically for high school age drivers who have just received their license, or have a permit and are working towards their test. It is held at local high schools, making it convenient and accessible, and it’s taught by certified law enforcement driving instructors.

Students get to spend the course behind the wheel of their own vehicle learning and practicing emergency avoidance and response techniques, along with a number of other driver safety skills, in a safe and controlled environment. They will learn not only how their own vehicle handles in extreme situations, but also learn the true level of their own abilities and limitations.

TIMES: Morning classes are 9:00AM to 12:00PM / Afternoon classes are 12:30PM to 3:30PM

9 reviews for Pine Creek High School

  1. Yvette Considine

    My son absolutely loved the course. Instructors were friendly and knowledgeable. Gave feedback when needed. We’ll organized and lots of time behind the wheel.

  2. Heidi B

    We live in the mountains and I was concerned about my son driving on snowy, icy roads. The skid training was great and all of the other obstacles and challenges improved my son’s confidence behind the wheel and my comfort in letting him drive alone.

  3. R L

    Altitude Driver Safety Foundation’s driving course for high schoolers was a valuable experience for our teen! She gained confidence after participating in the program. Her confidence helped me, as a parent, be more comfortable and confident in letting her drive on her own. I would undoubtedly encourage any parent to sign their new driver up for this course.

  4. Jeff Niskern (verified customer)

    This course was perfect for our daughter and solidified things like parking, backing up and crash avoidance. The class was worth twice price!

  5. Marilyn Gorski

    My son really enjoyed the class. He said it helped him with his confidence and also felt that he did gain more knowledge about what to do when skidding/sliding.

  6. Rex Hutchinson

    You can learn a lot from this driving course experience. This course helps you be confident while driving, parking, parallel parking,and it was a lot of fun. The instuctors are cooland really know how to teach you learn different driving techniques.

  7. Tosha Uribe (verified customer)

    My son loved the course had nothing but positive things to say about the instructors. Easy drop off and pick up used their own car so gave him confidence. Was easy communicate and know what was needed.

  8. Eric (verified customer)

    My daughter came out of this class feeling super confident in her skills and told us after that we had done a great job training her and this class validated her practice and training and gave her some great new experiences in handling hazards and recovering from skids, etc. Highly recommend

  9. NICOLE STARR (verified customer)

    Our son took this course and was reluctant at first. Three hours later he had nothing but GOOD things to say. He felt a lot more confident in his car and said the track was very well structured. There were enough kids not too many to where all got a lot of reps in. He enjoyed the parallel parking the most and the session in the demo car one which he learned how to maintain control of the car as it was skidding which will be critical in the winter. I strongly recommend this course to any permit driver! Money well spent!!

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